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Adaptable Platform

Flare Sense is an adaptable platform to build sensor nodes. It was designed as a flexible boiling plate from where customized solutions are developed in an efficient and cost-effective way


IoT environments

It can be adapted to multiple IoT environments and custom requirements such as analog sensors, digital sensors. It supports different power sources such as: solar panel, battery , city grid. It can be used with a wide range of communication networks.

Why Flare Sense

Flare Sense is designed around both: adaptable modules and a business model that helps companies to introduce the technology at a low cost and pay for what they use.

►Miniaturization of sensor and computing platforms make it possible to create new scenarios where sensing devices continuously feed enterprise and decision making applications with data streams.

►These new scenarios help organizations to: reduce risk, streamline processes and make a more efficient use of resources.

►Flare Sense business model focuses on the use of the data while it can be adapted to different production scheme.

►Volume (quantity of sensors) is one of the problems that prevent the introduction of IoT technology in industrial processes. Often, projects demand a small number of nodes which in turn go against the development of custom solutions.

►Flare Sense's modules focuses on handling: sensors, communication and power sources. The Sensor module is a hub that support analog, digital and electomechanical sensors. The Communication Module supports 2G/3G/4G protocols, WiFi, Lora. The Power Source Module supports Solar Panels, Batteries, and Electrical Grid.


Different Industries need to deal with problems affecting People, Machines, Assets or Raw Materials. Those Problems can sometimes be solved using sensors that apply to physics or chemical processes.

Key Features

Client centric

Flare is a boiling plate where only required sensors and communication protocols are integrated into one off-the-shelf solution.

Simplified Architecture

Flare’s Architecture was designed considering the fact that customers usually do not change the type of sensors on the field. Interchangeable sensors is not a value for customers who are looking for a simple solution that works.


Flare can be adapted to work with a wide variety of enclosures in order to prevent the problems associated with lack of ventilation or extreme heating. Lack of ventilation can cause inaccurate readings. Extreme heating drastically reduces the lifespan of sensors.


Flare implements a configurable monitoring system that makes it possible to implement from a simple “I’m alive” system to a more complex self monitoring system.

Scheduled Maintenance

Flare’s casing is designed to ease the maintenance of each unit. Sensors are replaced following the expected lifespan given by the manufacturer.

Configurable Communication Module

Flare’s Communication module can be interchanged among different protocol configurations making it easy to adapt a unit to a possible evolution on the available network infrastructure.


Our development team has a strong orintation to product development that is prepared to ship the solutions as embedded software to the market.

Android TV Player

We integrated Ginga.go to Cidana's TV Solution.

Market: Brazil // Partner: Cidana // Clients: Asus // Devices: Smartphones & Dongles // (100K units)

Emergency Warning System Solution

We helped Siano to develop a low level interface to process video streams along with the Emergency signal.

Market: Argentina // Partner: Siano // Clients: Geniatech (China), Novatech (Argentina) // Devices: Windows&Linux Netbooks // (1.5 Millions units)

ISDB-T Dongles

We developed a multiplatform TV Media Player with advanced features that was part of a USB dongle solution.

Market: Venezuela // Partner: Novatech // Clients: Novatech (Argentina) // Devices: ISDB-T Dongle // (500K units)

IoT Prototypes

We helped companies to evolve ideas into functional prototypes. Prototypes are a valuable resource that add value to processes such as Design Thinking.

About Us

We are a team of individuals coming from different areas such as Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Production Engineering and Quality Assurance.

Our team specializes in developing high-quality products and modules such as dedicated electronic devices, set top boxes, multi-platform media players, and cloud-based content contribution.

We manage cost-effective solutions from concept through pre-production as well as mass production through our overseas electronics manufacturing partners.

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